May 14, 2020: The Great Return 

There are many questions we have gone through as leadership concerning the “Great Return” –when the Church begins to meet onsite rather than online. Our first onsite meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, May 17

The overriding questions are: 
• What will it look like? 
• What precautions are in place? 
• What will be the times and length of services? 
• Will we continue to be able to access the services LiveStream, YouTube, CCCG App, the Website, and Grace 91.1FM?

As we plan on getting back together as the Family there is much we have done in preparation as leadership. It cannot look the same as it did prior to COVID-19… at least not for a while. There will be some things that will never be the same and there are other things that we will strive to bring back when the timing is right. 

We are asking that out of love and respect for your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ and the responsibility being shouldered by the Leadership here at Calvary that you do your best to assist in these areas: 

1. If you have a compromised immune system or you are susceptible to sicknesses, we encourage you to continue to connect with us only online for the time being. 

2. We will not return to our Saturday evening service at this current time. With the anticipated reduced attendance coming back from the COVID quarantine, Saturday night attendance would probably not warrant the extra efforts and time of staff and ministry volunteers. This will also allow us to focus on the cleaning and sanitizing of the building for the two Sunday and Wednesday night services. Times of services will be Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00, with Spanish service at 1:00. Wednesday nights will begin at 6:30. 

3. For the first couple of weeks will not be offering Sunday School or Wednesday evening Children’s Ministry. However, we have Take-Home curriculum available for each age group, it will also be emailed out on Thursday before the weekend. 

4. We will practice Social Distancing at all services for the immediate future. Some chairs have been removed from the auditorium to widen the space between rows. We ask that you sit together as a family, leaving either two chairs on each side of your family or two chairs on one side and the aisle on the other. If you are a single, the same will go for you, please leave either two chairs open on either side of you or two chairs on one side with the aisle on the other. 

5. As overflow seating we will be using the Koinonia building. From there you will be able to watch the service on the large screen television with others in the Fellowship. We will still practice the same Social Distancing as stated above.


6. With the Social Distancing in place, we also ask you to refrain from hugging (I know, that’s going to be hard) or even hand shaking. A wave and a friendly smile are always a great way to greet someone. You may be perfectly fine with hugging or hand shaking, but please think of others during this time. 

7. It is absolutely appropriate for you to wear a mask, but it is not mandatory. However, out of consideration of the entire congregation, we are requiring our Door Greeters, Welcome Station, and Ushers to wear masks and gloves.

8. As we move through the doorways leading into the buildings and into the auditorium, we will need to exercise discipline to not congregate at or near the doorways. Congregating is so easy to do, but it violates the Social Distancing efforts we desire to maintain and blocks the way for others to safely move into the room.

9. When we have communion, we have set-up serving stations in the auditorium, using the two cup method: the top cup will have the juice and the bottom cup will have a gluten free wafer. We will dismiss the congregation in sections to pick-up their own cups, then return to their seats to partake together as a congregation. 

10.We will not be receiving an offering through the passing of the Offering Bags. We will use the Blessing Boxes around the building or you can continue to give online or through your bank as many of you are currently doing. 

11.When the service is over we ask that you exit the main auditorium using any of the four doors leading out of the room and continue on to your vehicle to exit the property. This will allow the volunteers the time to open up the building to fresh air and time to clean and sanitize the areas before the next service starts. 

12. The Agape building and the Cuppa’ Blessing coffee/fellowship time will not be available until a later date. 

I know that this is all a great pain and inconvenience, but we desire to do all that we can to make the congregation safe. This isn’t about your rights. This is about humbling yourself and checking your pride in ministry to others, allowing us to safely meet together. 

For the glory of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ

Pastor David