June 19, 2020

Hey Church, as we continue in these trying and changing times, each week can bring about its own surprises.

This past Wednesday Mayor Craig McFarland declared the requirement for all people frequenting public places to once again wear masks.

I won’t go into it on this email, but In 1 Corinthians 8 Paul instructs the Church to be considerate of each other’s concerns. He tells the knowledgeable to respond in love to the concerns of all the others. It is through actions of love for others that our love for Christ is demonstrated.

So, in response to Mayor McFarland‘s statements we are asking you to assist in the following ways:
1. We will immediately further encourage the need for “social distance” by having fewer seats in the main building, with overflow seating available in both the Agape and the Koinonia buildings.

2. We are asking that you honor the need to wear a mask while interacting together in the building until you are seated either in the main building, the Koinonia, or the Agape. Once seated you are free to wear your mask or take it off.

3. Beginning the following week (leading up to Sunday, June 28) and until further notice, we will be accepting reservations on the church website or through the church office for both the 9:00 and 11:00 Sunday services. We will have limitations on the number at each service in each of the Main building, the Koinonia, and the Agape.

Visitors will always be welcome at either service in the main building even without reservations. And if you come without reservations we will certainly let you in, BUT, we are asking that you assist us during these strange times.

With great love and respect for wherever you stand in this season,
Pastor David