handyman ministry

1 Peter 4:10-11

“As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, 

as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

This ministry has been established to help with odd jobs around the house for those who are currently attending the church and living in the Casa Grande area having limited physical capabilities, health issues, or household emergencies.

General guidelines

Services offered but not limited to:

Basic plumbing (e.g. fix a leaking faucet or toilet, etc.).

Basic carpentry (e.g. install simple wheelchair ramp, etc.).

Basic electrical (e.g. replace hard to reach light bulbs, install simple light fixtures which would not require any change in the structure or wiring, etc.).

Basic information technology (computers) (e.g. connect printer, connect to wi-fi, change print cartridges, etc.).

General assistance (e.g. retrieve or replace items to/from the attic, hang picture frames on walls, or move a piece of furniture, take a lawn mower or mowing tractor to have it repaired, perform simple service to a lawn mower; (for example change the oil, etc.).



Some types of needs are better handled by hired professionals. If we determine that professional services are needed, we will assist to the extent possible with funding such help.

Routine services such as yard maintenance are excluded except for “short-term” help during a family crisis.

Planned projects such as remodeling, painting, drywall repair, etc. are excluded.

Roof and roofing work is excluded due to safety considerations.



Unless an emergency, request notification of the support request be made a minimum of one (1) week in advance.  However, unexpected things and emergencies do occur and we will make every effort to assist you. The desire is to keep the services simple and their completion time short (2 to 3 hours).  

These services will be free and of no charge.


facilitated by

jim keyes & tom st. amour

If you have questions, want to get involved, or submit a request, 

you can contact the Handyman Ministry by clicking here.

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